5 Reader Recommendations

Depending on your situation during this pandemic, you might find yourself with more time to read! Or you might find that you need more books to escape into. I asked some of my newsletter subscribers for recommendations, and here’s what they came up with!

JV reader recs

Deborah recommends the Dreams and Reality series by Hadena James.

She says it is “Very detailed, thought provoking and reality based.” Book 1, Tortured Dreams, is available everywhere.

Robert Robinson recommends Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.

“Truly magical, I have bought and given away lots of copies of this book, and I am not even much of a Neil Gaiman fan!” Available everywhere.

Katheyer recommends Rising (After the Thaw Series) by Tamar Sloan and Heidi Catherine.

“Hands down the best dystopian YA fantasy of the decade, combining real issues with a vision of our future that feels both utterly possible and highly extraordinary. A interesting plot, wonderful characters and fast-paced action for readers of all ages.” The ebook is available only on Amazon.

Rachel C. recommends Artemis by Andy Weir.

“Weir’s book The Martian gets a lot of attention, but his follow up book Artemis is also fantastic! It’s a crime heist on the moon, with a smart and funny female protagonist. If you’re into audiobooks, Rosario Dawson is a fabulous reader!” Available everywhere.

Lene recommends The Prince and the Poisoner by Helena Rookwood.

“The first book in months that kept me up long in the night. Amazing heroine facing desperate situations, never giving up when kicked down, using rather her wits and skills than physical weapons. Her oddity attracts many in the power – princes, lords, circus masters. Very realistic, with strong emotional impact, vivid story, and prejudices existing also in this world that are worth thinking about. Magical book indeed.” The ebook is available only on Amazon, for preorder.

Thank you to the readers who so generously shared their favorites with me!