An Excerpt from Tales of Dunes and Dragons

I’m so excited about this book coming out! Only about six weeks to go!

dunes and dragons_small

The sled is moving closer and closer to the city walls. My momentary excitement dwindles like the water supply now that we’re here. The alpha wolf stumbles as he crosses the entrance, but he catches himself and resumes his gait. Orion’s lips tighten; he takes Brute’s misstep as a bad omen.

“We don’t have to be superstitious of everything,” I tell him, but my voice is hushed.

Orion turns an earnest gaze on me. “If something happens to me in here, I want you to get out as fast as you can.”


“Promise me,” he says. “No heroics. Because as much as I care for you, I will be leaving you behind if it goes the other way.”

“Why, Orion, I had no idea you cherished me so,” I say, hoping the sarcasm in my voice will hide the sudden hurt I’m feeling.

“It isn’t like that, Inez,” he says in a fervent whisper. “Traders say people change in Lament. They go mad. Hurt their own. Don’t try to save me if I get like that.”

I have no response, and the shushing of the sled tracking over sand is the only sound. The path we entered on narrows, so Orion whistles the wolves to a halt. He wraps the reins on the front railing before turning to me.

“I’m not trying to scare you,” he says.

“Some things,” I say, “you can do without trying.”

Tales of Dunes and Dragons will be released in the Dragons and Mages anthology on April 1st. Tap the cover image above to find the book on Amazon!