Announcement: Tales of Sand and Stars is Up for Pre-order!

I am so excited to share that my next young adult fantasy, Tales of Sand and Stars, has a cover and is available for pre-order on Apple Books!

Let me tell you, dear ones, a tale of sand and stars.

The Kingdom of Sand found Nima wandering in the desert as a young girl.

Now seventeen, Nima is the storyteller for her adoptive kingdom, weaving tales for their entertainment while yearning to learn the truth of her past.

When the king from the nearby Kingdom of Stars demands that Nima be brought to him, she has no choice but to go with the warriors. The palace is dark and stifling, and the king’s rule is tyrannous. Nima immediately begins plotting her escape, even though it means traveling back through a desert full of windhaunts—memory-stealing spirits that roam the dunes.

As Nima grows closer to one of the king’s sons, though, danger from the windhaunts and palace secrets threaten her at every turn. She must use her stories to discover—and create—the truths of her past and the shared history of the kingdoms in order to preserve her freedom, save her people from the windhaunts, and reunite the Kingdoms of Sand and Stars.

Click the image below to go to Apple Books and find out more…

TALES Apple Books preorder

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