Projects on the Horizon

JV future projects

As I wrap up the Haunted Halls: Winter’s Cavern trilogy, I’m already looking ahead to what’s next this year! I don’t want months and months to go by without publishing something, because let’s be honest, I’m sad when I don’t have work coming out regularly.

What you might not know about me is that one of my early writing loves was fantasy. Writing YA mystery sort of happened to me by accident–I’d wanted something gothic and creepy, and the mystery aspects just sort of…happened.

All that to say, I have some ideas of what I want to publish, including a fantasy novel that is already drafted and just needs a few tweaks. I’ll be talking more about it, and another YA fantasy, over the next few months, as well as a nonfiction book about writing that I’m super excited about, as well!

As far as more Haunted Halls books, I’m hoping to do those, too, but with the two fantasy novels coming up, the mystery will take more of a back seat in 2019. Although I’ll be working on Haunted Halls this year, they won’t be in a publishable state until 2020.

So, those are my plans! Some are a little ambitious, like revising these two big fantasy novels and finishing that writing craft book, but I’m really stoked to get these projects finished and out in the world!