“Tales of Wind and Wolves” – FREE on Apple Books

I refuse to be merely an ally in someone else’s story.

My best friend, Nima, is the heroine of her own story—even the tales she spins about other creatures and characters, she a crucial part of them. After all, she directs them. It’s her job as our Storyteller, and I do not fault her for it.

She is the sun. Markus and I, her two closest friends, are the planets which orbit around her.

Markus holds my hand in the morning market, his callused fingers rough against my own. We’re warriors and we hold the spear, the knife, the sword, in the same way, trained from childhood. When he looks over and grins at me, my heart feels too big for my chest.

And there is Nima, her long, brown braid sparkling with beads and ribbons as she leans over to select a handful of figs from a seller. When Markus looks at her, my heart twists into something small and unrecognizable.

wind and wolves2_small

“Tales of Wind and Wolves” is a short prequel to the novel Tales of Sand and Stars, and you can get it for free on Apple Books for a limited time! Tap the cover to snag your copy now.