You Gotta Read…Make Me No Grave

make me no grave

This was an utterly fantastic adventure! I don’t know that the story structure itself pulled me through quite as much as the main character’s voice. Apostle is amazing, and I could read his point of view for ages.

I wanted a little more magic from the tale, but the light touch was also good and lent more credence to the adventure. I don’t typically read westerns, so I’m not sure how this would hold up to fans of the genre, but for someone who doesn’t know the genre well, it really worked for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you give this one a try, let me know, because I’d love to hear what you think of it!

Marshal Apostle Richardson faces off against bloodthirsty outlaws, flesh witches, ruthless vigilantes, and more in this gritty, magical re-imagining of the Old West.

You can find Make Me No Grave on Amazon by clicking here.

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