You Gotta Read…Ninth House

I’m not sure what possessed me to pick up this book, but boy am I glad I did.

Ninth House is dark and marvelous. The entire time I was reading, I was in awe of the worldbuilding, the magical theory that went into the world, and especially the characters. Even the buildings are characters! The setting is wonderfully alive. I will be re-reading this book despite its dark tone and gruesome moments, because it was just that good!

At times, it isn’t an easy book to read. While I felt the pacing was the best of any Bardugo book I’ve read, there’s still a lot of detail, and that detail can be gory and might be triggering for some readers. (Sexual assault and abuse, primarily.)

Not everything is resolved. There’s a shameless opening for a second book, and although it isn’t exactly a cliffhanger, I wasn’t exactly satisfied by the ending, either.

Just the same, I recommend this book wholeheartedly to readers who love lush worldbuilding and aren’t afraid of dark magic. Sign me up for Book 2 and for the film, which I hope is already in the works. I’ll be covering my eyes during some of the scenes, but I am so there.

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