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You Gotta Read…The Scorpio Races

JV You gotta read this!

Maggie Stiefvater’s contemporary fantasy, The Scorpio Races, came out in 2011. I read it exactly one time, but nearly eight years later, it remains one of my favorite books.

Why I loved it:

  • the push and pull between the two main characters, Puck and Sean
  • the fantastical imagery of the demonic water horses–they were super scary and fascinating all at the same time
  • Puck’s deep love for her horse
  • there is tension on every page–I couldn’t put this book down
  • the mixture of fantasy and contemporary worlds
  • no denying Stiefvater knows how to write beautifully

Has anyone else read it? And if you haven’t–don’t wait.

reading, YA fiction

Best Reading Haunts

You can read books in a tree

You can read them in your bed.

You can read them at the beach

or while standing on your head.

Where do you do your reading_

I prefer the sofa with a nice fluffy blanket and a mug full of tea nearby. Cookies are a plus.

Here are some other awesome places to read books…

  • treehouse
  • cavern (with adequate lighting of course)
  • bed
  • airplane
  • beach
  • library
  • cabin
  • hammock
  • castle tower
  • poolside

Where do you prefer to do your reading?