YA Shareable Quotes

I really love collecting quotes, especially from books that were meaningful to me. Here are a few I put together–feel free to use them and share around!

Sarah Dessen quote JVJandy Nelson quote JVE Lockhart quote JVMeg Cabot quote JVKristin Cashore quote JVRae Carson quote JV

“I am coming to terms with the fact that loving someone requires a leap of faith, and that a soft landing is never guaranteed.”  -Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby

“Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story.” -Jandy Nelson, I’ll Give You the Sun

“Someone once wrote that a novel should deliver a series of small astonishments. I get the same thing spending an hour with you.” -E. Lockhart, We Were Liars

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear.” -Meg Cabot, The Princess Diaries

“I must stop wishing for things to happen. Because something will happen eventually, and when it does, I’ll be bound to wish it hadn’t.” -Kristin Cashore, Fire
“I loved and lost and survived.” -Rae Carson, Girl of Fire and Thorns


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